If you are someone who likes to dress up with an ethnic kind of wear, then kurtas are one of the best choices to go with. There are a lot of kurta varieties available and it's important to choose the one which might be the perfect fit considering the shape and size of your body. There are different types, colours, and sizes of kurtas available, and you must choose the one which suits you and makes you way more comfortable.

Here are some of the things to note while choosing a kurti for daily or occasional purposes:

  1. Choose the material based on the season of climate. If it's summer, go for cotton or muslin. If it's the winter season, go with velvet or thick kind of materials to beat the chilliness.
  2. If you have a sensitive type of cotton, there are times when cotton might be a perfect choice for you.
  3. Consider fashion and trends along with the model, so that you can go with the trend which is latest currently in the town
  4. Fit also plays a vital role in making the outfit more classier. So, make sure you pick the right kind of outfit from S to XL based on your size. One size looser will make you feel more comfortable, especially this summer.
  5. Go with the colour that suits you well rather than going with extremely light or dark colours.
  6. Choose a breathable kind of fabric so that it will fit and make your outfit way more classier.

Grab the Chikankari Kurti to match your Style and Elegance:

Chikankari, one of the most famous models found in Lucknow has its own beauty and uniqueness from the wide range of kurti collections available. It is a thread work which is done on lightweight fabrics initially by the artisans of Lucknow. But now, considering the new fashion trends, chikankari embroidery has been done on almost all kinds of materials in various colours and designs available. The intricate thread works are hand embroidered by the best and most experienced artisans to make the outfit way more beautiful and presentable. Initially, it was done with light-coloured threads on lightweight fabric materials. But now, all colours have been indulged and the best part is in almost all kinds of materials and fabrics.

Choosing a breathable and comfortable kind of material for this summer would be a perfect choice for the skin to breathe and at the same time for you to be more comfortable too. To make your outfit more classier and fashionable go with cotton chikankari kurti or mulmul chikankari kurtas. They are way more classier and beautiful than usual.

Mulmul Kurti:

Mulmul is one of the most lightweight, shining kinds of material which can be a perfect material for this summer. Because of their lightweight and delicate kind of material, mulmul kurti are way more perfect for anyone to pair with in the summer. It helps in keeping the body cooler and more comfortable since the lightweight material will absorb all the sweat from the body this summer. 

There are a lot of chikankari collections available, especially in the mulmul material; Go with the one which makes you look more beautiful and stylish at the same time.

Here are some of the mulmul collections available from House of Chikankari:

  • Mulmul Straight Kurta:

A perfect and classy kind of kurta which is breathable and skin-friendly material available in breezy colours like blue, pink, etc.

  • A Line Tired Kurta:

One of the perfect grand look kurta sets which is perfect for even some special occasions and functions.

  • Gharara Set:

A perfect set which is way more classy and grand compared to the other kind of material and collections available. A perfect set for grander occasions; It's a functional wear for you to explore.

  • Mulmul Angrakha:

Looking for special occasion wear but confused about the same old-fashioned dress? This mulmul Angrakha would be perfect wear which could be way more perfect than ordinary.

For the above kurti collections, you can match them with normal straight pants, palazzo pants, flared pants, etc. You can make the kurti look even more grander and special by matching it with the right kind of accessories.

If you are looking for good quality, and perfectly designed chikankari kurtis, then House of Chikankari is one of the best options to go with! They have a wide range of chikankari materials like short kurti, long kurti, kurta sets, kaftan sets, saree, bottom wear, shawls, poly bags, etc.